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Our products find application mainly in industries like automobile, electronics, kitchen appliances, fabrication and electrical items etc., 

Our Product Range

Sheet metal components

Press components

Specialist in deep drawing components

Fabrication and sub- assemblies

Sheet Metal Components

Sheet Metal Components

Sheet Metal Components are available in different finishes like Zinc Plated, Chrome Plated, Electrophoresis, and Powder Painting. We provide our Sheet Metal Components to different industries like Automobile Sector, Electronic Sector etc. The clients can avail our Sheet Metal Components in bulk without any hassle. We offer the sheet metal manufacturing solution, from single part or subassembly manufacture to turnkey solutions. Utilising the latest sheet metal manufacturing technology we offer metal bending, welding, spot welding, powder coating and induction brazing services under quality environment, metal stamping, metal punching, metal inserting. we have been engaged with customers with whom we have established a long term relations based upon trust and commitment which has not only benefitted us but also helped them to stay competitive in their industry and competitive market as well.

Automobile Equipments

Automobile Equipments

We offer an outstanding choice of automotive tools & equipment for the car / bike restorer, competitor, and craftsman. Including Painting, Electroplating, Rust, Polishing, Bodywork, Additives and much more.

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